Monday, January 31, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine

It wasn't sunny today.  It was overcast.  Not terribly cold, but it is Oregon in January so there was no sun.  At least it wasn't raining.

Daily Outfit, Monday 1/31/11

The Breakdown:
  • Floral print dress - H&M
  • Coral cardigan - Gap
  • Black tights - Spanx Tight End Tights - Nordstrom
  • Faux lace-up wedge boots - Kenneth Cole Reaction - Piperlime?
I also had to wear a black cami today under this dress - it's a bit risque for work otherwise.

I love these boots, but I think they might be stumpifying my legs today.  The high waist of the dress elongates my legs, but the skirt length and the higher boots might serve to shorten them.  Maybe.  I can't tell.  It could be the fact that I cut my feet off in these shots (oops).  I like to think I get away with it because of my height, but if I were not six foot tall, I wouldn't suggest these boots with this outfit.  A bootie, preferably in black, would help elongate the legs.  Including my feet in my photos would also help with this.  So, lesson learned.

You may have noticed that my cardigan matches some of the flowers on my dress almost exactly.  This was an accident.  Matching is not something I generally strive for, so I wore brown boots.  I think I might be afraid to match.  Is that weird?  I think that's weird.  But, it's just how I am.  I prefer elements of my outfit to compliment each other as opposed to matching each other.  While black booties would have matched this outfit perfectly, I decided on brown boots which I believe compliment the non-black elements on this outfit.  Also, I really do like these boots.  So I wore them.

What about you guys - do you prefer matching elements or complimentary elements when you put together an outfit?

Happy Monday!