Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday Fashion Focus - Born Crown "Sosie" Boots

If you've seen my blog, you've seen these boots.  They are the Born Crown "Sosie" boots and I got them at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale at least two years ago, but possibly three.  They were not inexpensive, but because I wear them at least two times per week three-quarters of the year, my cost per wear is down to pennies.

These are easily the most comfortable, versatile boots that I own.  As you can see above, I wear them with skirts, I wear them with dresses and I wear them over leggings, skinny jeans and cords.  I have worn these for hours of shopping/walking, and they have been nothing but comfortable.  The heel is about an inch and a half - very walkable.  I think the color is pretty versatile as well - you can't see it very well in my pictures, but they're not just a solid dark brown - they're sort of dappled with shades of brown, which I think makes them unique and interesting. The official calf measurement on these is 14 1/2 inches, but my calf is 16 inches and these are roomy enough to fit me over jeans and cords.  At my height, they come to about an inch below my knees, and, they go up to a size 11.

Even though I purchased my pair years ago, you can still find these online.  The absolute cheapest I was able to find them was at Planet Shoes, for $168.00, but they only go up to size 7.5.  Otherwise, I found them cheapest at for $199.99, up to size 11.  If doesn't have your size, I also found them at Zappos and Amazon (unfortunately, they are more expensive at these two sites).

Happy Shopping!


P.S. I know it's not Friday, but I went to bed early Friday and ended up sleeping a much needed 14 hours.