Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is there such a thing as a two-trick pony?

I feel like I might be turning into one.  In the past four days, I've alternated brights and brown/black combinations.  I know I'm probably over-thinking this, but I suspect that might be a side-effect of blogging.  Now that I know people are paying attention to what I'm wearing (you guys are paying attention, right?  I'll take that as a yes) I am scrutinizing things in funny ways.  Like worrying whether or not my adoring public (that's you, dear readers) will think I'm a two-trick pony.

The particulars:
  • Ocelot print jersey top - Matty M via Nordstrom
  • Brown boyfriend cardi - Old Navy
  • Black skinny crop pants - Banana Republic
  • Brown riding boots - Born Crown via Nordstrom
  • Burnt orange cashmere scarf - Nordstrom
Full disclosure.  I love animal print.  And puns.  In fact, I almost titled this post "I like this shirt an ocelot."  Get it?  Ocelot?  Awful lot?  Okay, yes, it's horrible.  But I like words and as a result, I like puns.  Even bad ones.  I can't even promise you won't get more of them.  And I can definitely guarantee you'll see more animal print.