Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look, Ma, no glasses!

Daily Outfit: 1/13/11 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASON!!)

The Breakdown:
  • Blue dress - Eddie Bauer - thrifted
  • Grey boyfriend cardigan - Gap (remixed here)
  • Grey tights - Nordstrom
  • Brown riding boots - Born - Nordstrom (here, here and here also)
  • Fuchsia scarf - v. old - Macy's
  • Trench - Kenneth Cole via Ideeli
I was getting ready to go to Jazzercise (which is the most hilariously awesome workout ever - I kid you not) and I had already put my contacts in when I remembered I need to take my outfit pictures.  I considered putting my glasses back on for continuity and whatnot, but figured a post or two without my glasses would be okay.  So, yeah, this is what I look like without my glasses.

I know I promised a copycat outfit today, but this this one is all mine.  Not that I'm terribly proud of it.  I was going to title this post "This outfit is boring, but Kathy likes it."  Because I do find it boring, but my friend Kathy did say she liked it.  I don't know why it's so boring to me.  It's not like I'm setting the world on fire with the rest of my sartorial choices, but this seems so average to me.  I think I thought it would be better, but better how, I can't tell you.  It's not unflattering, or uncomfortable, it's just boring.  Thank goodness for fuchsia scarves or I probably would have nodded off at my desk.

Do you guys ever have this happen?  Do your outfits ever not quite meet the mark for some unfathomable reason?  Do you fix them with fuchsia scarves?


(P.S. Mason is Kathy's son.  Today is his birthday.  He's seven and reads my blog with his mom, which I appreciate).