Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poofy sleeves and short pants

Daily Outfit, 1/11/2011

The Breakdown:
  • Raspberry long-sleeve tee - Gap
  • Olive cropped jacket - Old Navy
  • Real Straight Jeans - Gap
  • Leopard print scarf - ???
  • Brown leather belt - thrifted
  • Faux-lace up wedge boots - Kenneth Cole Reaction
The sleeves on this jacket aren't nearly as puffy in the pictures as I swear they are in real life.  All day today I caught glimpses of them out of the corner of my eye and imagined that I looked like a vaguely twee linebacker.  Now, looking at the pictures, they're not that bad.

I love wearing my jeans rolled up with these boots.  I think the laces (faux that they are) are the best part of these boots and I like to show them off.  These jeans are quite long, but if your jeans aren't as long, rolling them up and making them deliberately short to show of your shoes is a good trick for tall gals.  (I think it's a good trick for anyone really - Rad of The Cohabitating Closet shows it off here).  Do you guys do this at all?