Monday, January 17, 2011

WeeCap (Weekend Recap)

WeeCap for January 15th - 17th, in which Gracey attends a birthday party, watches some movies (a lot of movies), and finally finishes Le Divorce.

Saturday, January 15th

The Breakdown:
  • Long and Lean jeans - Gap
  • Tan and cream stripe tunic - Old Navy
  • Light grey boyfriend cardigan - Gap
  • Low brown boots - Target
  • Burnt orange cashmere scarf - Nordstrom
Friday night I headed up to Portland to visit my gorgeous friend, Jenny and her gorgeous daughter, Cameron.  We watched the movie "The Other Guys" which was funny, but very strange.  Very, very strange.

On Saturday, Cameron had a dance competition, which her squad won (they were fabulous).  I wore the above outfit to go shopping for an 80's prom dress (which I found - it's fabulous, but more on that later) and to watch Cameron's competition.

On Saturday night, Jenny, Cam and I had a "Twilight" marathon.  Full disclosure: I read "Twilight" some years back and didn't like it.  I don't find Stephanie Meyer to be a very good author, although she has, admittedly, a wonderful imagination.  Because I didn't like the book, I hadn't watched any of the movies.  Jenny and Cameron, seeing an opportunity to expand my horizons, re-watched "Twilight," "Eclipse" and "New Moon" with me.  The movies were delightfully over-wrought and campy - it was fun.

Sunday, January 16th

The Breakdown:
  • Brown sleeveless tunic - New York & Co via Ross Dress for Less
  • Black boyfriend cardigan - Old Navy
  • Flirt skinny jeans - Old Navy
  • Low brown boots - Target
  • Burnt orange cashmere scarf - Nordstrom
Today was Mason's birthday party.  So my friend Ferge and I made the trip down to Albany to help him celebrate being seven.  Children's birthdays are hilarious.  There was pizza, and balloon decorating, and presents and cake and ice cream and children running around everywhere.   

About these boots.  These boots are not the boots I wanted.  I wanted the Mia "Sergeant" boots (you can see them here) which run about $140.00.  I got the above boots at Target for less than $40.00.  They're leather, they're very comfortable and I think they are a pretty fair approximation of the boots I wanted.  Which is pretty rare, at least for me.  Generally I either end up going without or buying the original because nothing is quite right, but I think these work.

Do you guys have any tips for finding alternatives to more expensive items? 

Monday, January 17th

The Breakdown:
  • Red ruffle-neck tunic - Old Navy
  • Tan boyfriend cardigan - Old Navy
  • Black leggings - Target
  • Brown leather skinny belt - Gap
  • Brown riding boots - Born - Nordstrom
  • Gold necklace - gifted
  • Angel wing earrings - from an Alberta Street vendor
Today was Martin Luther King, Jr Day, so I did not have to work.  Instead, I slept in (I needed to recover from my Twilight marathon) and I finished Le Divorce, by Diane Johnson, and then went to see TRON (finally).  I liked the movie, it was definitely visually interesting, but I think it could have probably been better.  But, I'm also catching a cold, so maybe it was just me.

A word on the leggings.  Leggings are an item that I do not like to spend a lot of money on, so these leggings work pretty well for me.  They are from Target so they are inexpensive ($8 or so).  They are also actually fairly long (right to my ankles), they have a nice high waist (which is my preference), and they have a nice wide waistband which is very comfortable.  The downside is that they are fairly thin (but not see-through), so they're not good for really cold weather.  Luckily today was sunny and fairly warm, so they were perfect. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!