Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Patriot

Daily Outfit, 1/24/11

The Breakdown:
  • Vintage plaid skirt - thrifted
  • Lace blouse - The Limited
  • V-neck cardigan - a.n.a - JC Penney
  • "Footless" tights - v. old - ???
  • Riding boots - Born - Nordstrom
  • Scarf - v. old - Macy's
  • Trench - Kenneth Cole - Ideeli
I have to dress like an adult this week (yes, this is my "adult wear") because we have a very, very important series of presentations with some high muckety-mucks.  Said high muckety-mucks happen to be with the Feds, so I thought red, white and blue was tres appropriate. 

Ordinarily, these colors remind me of summer, for obvious reason.  But I also really like these colors together (its a combination on flags all over the world for a reason).  I don't think this outfit is summery at all, and was a great excuse to wear my new sweater.  Which, by the way, is not a "tall" but fits me perfectly in the arms.  I love it when that happens, especially when the perfect fitting sweater only cost $6.97.  Seriously - if you have one, get thee to a JC Penney.  Darn near half the store is on sale for $6.97.  Macy's is having a pretty good sale too - a lot of their clothing is 75% off.

Did you guys find any great sales today or over the weekend?  Share.