Friday, February 25, 2011

Mother Nature’s Mind Games

Daily Outfit, 2/25/11

It is absolutely freezing here today.  Actually, it was below freezing.  I think it was all of 26 degrees when I rode my bike in this morning.  It was very sunny, but very, very cold; which makes me think Mother Nature is messing with my head.  In the past week, we’ve had snow, rain, sleet, wind, sun, below freezing temps and I think some hail, often all in the same day.  And today, we’ve got gorgeous sun which makes me want to dress for Spring, coupled with cold that makes me want to stay in bed with my heated mattress pad (possibly the best invention ever).

I should have layered tights or leggings under my olive skinny jeans (Gap).  It was windy today and it cut right through my jeans.  I wore the jeans with a long-sleeve tee (Old Navy), which I layered under my cowl-neck sweater (Kersh via Ross).  Cap-toe boots (Born Crown via Macy’s) and a shiny scarf (BCBG Outlet) and I’m good to go (although an extra pair of socks was probably in order).

I actually quite like this outfit, in spite of the fact that it’s not warm enough.  I was worried about wearing a scarf with a cowl-neck, but I think it worked; in part because the sweater is nice and drape-y.  Color-wise, I love grey and olive together and I love this shiny scarf, so it works for me.
Tonight, Jodee and I are going to dinner and then going to the Blazer game versus the Denver Nuggets.  I am not the biggest fan of the NBA (they seem to whine an awful lot about money for getting paid as much as they do), but I do love live sporting events in general, and I love hanging with Jodee, so it should be fun.  Afterwards, I’ll be staying the night at her new place, which I am very excited to see. 

What about you guys?  Does anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday, All, and as always, thank you for reading!


P.S. Today's "photo shoot" was hilarious.  Fergita Pepita took the photos (except for the last shot) and Kathy stood on the side yelling about how cold it was.  I believe she used the word "arctic" about seven times.  And yes, it was that cold.