Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Dress Layering Fool

Daily Outfit, 3/16/11

I have become a dress layering fool.  This outfit is the second time that I’ve layered dresses in the last three months.  Yes, that’s right, two times in a whole three months.  But, that’s actually a lot for me, considering that prior to this year I’ve never layered dresses before.  I’m sure that’s hard for you to believe given my seeming expertise in the area (or not).  But, it’s true.  My first dress layering attempt can be seen here

And this is my second:

Sorry this is so blurry, it was cold and rainy and not a good day for photos.

This time around, I wore my thrifted blue paisley dress (also seen here) under my black kangaroo pocket dress (??? via Nordstrom).  I added a belt (INC via Macy’s), tights (Nordstrom), my favorite black booties (BC Shoes via Piperlime) and a vintage brooch (via Lil’ Gypsy Vintage).

I love this outfit.  The only off-note for me is the tights – I don’t think the color is quite right.  I also considered lavender or grey, but maybe black would have been best?  I don’t know.  Tights aside, I thought this outfit turned out very well.  And it was strangely comfortable.  I hate for my clothes to feel binding, but the blue dress was lightweight enough to fit smoothly, and comfortably under the heavier black dress.

What do you all think of the outfit? Do you think I pulled it off, or are the tights ruining it for you?  And if that’s the case, what color of tights would you suggest for next time? 

I hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday!