Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closet MVP – The Apricot Sweater

Yes, I know I’ve already worn this sweater this month, but I’ve decided I love it and wanted to wear it again.

I’ve also decided this sweater is highly versatile and will probably wear it again and again, so I hope you all like it too.  I first wore it here with polka dots and I’m wearing it today with stripes.  I paired the sweater (thrifted) and the navy/white striped tee (Gap) with my trouser jeans (Banana Republic) and Mary Jane wedges (Corso Como via Piperlime).   

This felt a bit 70s to me, so I decided to roll with that feeling and wear a floral scarf (thrifted) as a belt.  The scarf doesn’t have any apricot in it, but it has tan, pink and orange flowers that if you squint, combine to look like apricot.

My thighs hate these jeans.  I try to tell them it’s for the good of the whole, but I think they’re planning a coup.  They’re so militant at times. 

I’m surprised I was able to muster up a smile for these pictures.  Today was horrible.  I am covering for my friend and co-worker, Kathy, and trying to do her job (which I barely understand) and mine (better understood, but not by much) is killing me.  I have a whole week of this mess and I am not excited.

What I am excited about?  This outfit.  The transition time between seasons usually gives me fits.  I don’t have a lot of items that can go easily between season in weight or color, so I usually just wear dark clothes until April or May and then wear my spring/summer clothes.  But, I think this outfit is a good compromise.  I’m warm, but the sweater is nice and spring-like even though the weather is not so much.

What about you, dear readers?  Any tips for transitioning between seasons?  Are you tired of the sweater yet?  It won’t stop me from remixing it again, but I want you to feel like you can share your feelings.

Tuesday (no, no happy Tuesday, just Tuesday),