Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Daily Outfit 3/15/11

I would like to say this outfit was more flattering in person than it is in the photos, but I’m not sure that’s true:

What I do know is that it was extremely comfortable and because I’m having one of those days, that’s pretty much all I cared about. 

The skirt is not actually a skirt, it’s a dress.  It’s one of those “twofer” dresses with a bodice in a different color and fabric than the skirt.   It’s also not the color it appears to be in either of these photos.  It’s actually a combination of the two - a strange grey-beige, or greige, if you will.  And it’s another closet orphan.  I’ve had it for over a year and I don’t know that I’ve ever worn it.  I bought it because I have another twofer dress (grey top/black skirt) that I love because it works so well as a skirt.  But, this greige color throws me a bit.  I have no idea what goes with greige.  I know it’s a neutral, but it’s a strange neutral.

Today, I fully intended to pair it with a burgundy sweater, but the proportion was all wonky.  So, instead, I layered the dress (Mossimo/Target) under a black turtleneck (Old Navy) and a dolman sweater (a.n.a/JC Penney).  I accessorized with black cable-knit patterned tights (Assets via Target), faux-lace-up boots (Kenneth Cole Reaction via Piperlime) and my plaid infinity scarf (Steve Madden via Macy’s).

I think I actually liked this outfit.  It’s very comfortable, and not too overwrought.  I think this is another orphan that may get to stay – I already have a couple more ideas on what to pair it with.  What about you all?  Any ideas on what to pair with greige?