Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Rumpled Mess

I’ve decided my new aesthetic is hot rumpled mess.  I tried it out today and I feel like I nailed it:

What did I wear to pull off this look?  Well, I wore some navy cords (Gap), tucked into my Born Crown riding boots (Nordstrom), topped with a blue blouse (thrifted) and a brown cardigan (Old Navy). I accessorized with a thin brown belt (Gap) and my blue scarf (H&M, not pictured).

I wish I could say that I look like this as the result of a long, stressful day at work, but I actually left the house looking like this.  It’s true that today was long and stressful, but it’s also true that I’ve given up on brushing my hair or ironing.  Not that I did much of either before, but now I’m embracing my natural state of dishevelment.  See how happy it makes me?

In other news, it’s raining in Oregon, Jazzercise kicked my heinie last night, and I haven’t even started packing yet for New Mexico.  It’s not unlike me to wait until the last minute, but I always forget something because I do wait.  I’m trying to get better at planning ahead.  So far, I haven’t made in progress with that goal.

How about you all – are you planners when it comes to packing for trips?  Or do you throw some stuff in a suitcase the night before, and hope for the best?

It’s Thursday, All, we’re nearly there!