Monday, March 21, 2011

I Like Orange An Ocelot

Daily Outfit, 3/21/11

Something about this shirt invites puns like no other.  I resisted last time, but no more.

I’m sad this outfit didn’t photograph very well, because I really liked it in person.  Suffice it to say it didn’t look (at least I don’t think it did) as lumpy and dumpy in person as it does in the photographs.  And no, I didn't realize my waistline was uneven until it was too late.

I like pairing animal print with brights; for me it’s more fun than pairing it with black.  I know it’s not for everyone and neither is orange (in spite of my best efforts), but for me, orange and ocelot are just perfect together.  So, today, I paired my ocelot blouse (Matty M via Nordstrom) with my orange jersey skirt (Banana Republic), cream “footless” tights (v. old), studded belt (Michael Michael Kors via Nordstrom), angel wing earrings (Albert St. vendor) and riding boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom).

How do you pair your animal print?  Do you like it paired with brights?  With other prints?  Or do you go the more classic route?

Happy Monday, All!