Monday, March 14, 2011

Obi Belt

Daily Outfit 3/14/11

This outfit was inspired in part by Ana’s navy, rust and turquoise outfit I featured on Better in Sepia for Giants earlier today:

I got this dress sometime this past fall at a vintage store in Portland.  The tag said it is from the 40s, and it was only $5.00 because the entire left seam and a few others were torn out.  I’m not great at sewing, especially not at sewing in a straight line, but I figured I could sew a seam.  And as soon as I did, I realized that the seam wasn’t torn out, the zipper was torn out.  While a semi-crooked seam is within my skill-set, a zipper absolutely is not, but luckily I’m able to get the dress on without one.  Also, I think this dress used to be green, but has faded (?) to a copper/rust color.  If you look at the bodice you can still see some of the green which I think is pretty cool.

I paired the dress with my turquoise tights (Hue via Macy’s), navy cardigan (Gap), double-strap mini-wedges (BC Shoes via Endless) and my brand-new, home-made obi belt!  I got the idea from Fabienne’s blog, The House in the Clouds, who in turn got the idea from Angie of Fashion Me Blog.   You can see the tutorial on Fashion Me Blog here.  I got the ties from the thrift store at $1.49 each, so the whole project cost less than $3.00. 

So, what do you guys think about the navy, rust and turquoise color-scheme?  Is it something you already wear?  If not, would you you give a shot?