Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polka Dots and Apricots

Daily Outfit, 3/8/11

Okay, so my sweater is the only apricot, but I am wearing double polka dots today for the Everybody, Everywear Polka Dot Challenge. 

Puffy sleeve close-up

Polk dot tights close-up

In addition to my sheer polka dot blouse (thrifted), I’m also wearing polka dot tights (Hue via Macys).  Over the blouse and tights I’m wearing a puff-sleeved sweater (thrifted), A-line skirt (Banana Republic) and my black booties (BS Shoes “Swear” via Piperlime). 

I really liked today’s outfit.  I think the apricot sweater adds just enough color, and you can’t go wrong with polka dots.  I actually thrifted the blouse and the sweater together, and as soon as I got them, I knew I wanted to wear them together.  I was worried that the polka dot tights might be overkill, and I know, that as a giant I shouldn't wear puffy-sleeves, but I love them so.  They make me happy so I'm going to continue to wear them even if they make me look like a twee linebacker.

If you want to see more polka dots in action, head over to Everybody Everywear and take a peek.  Everyone did a wonderful job once again.

Happy Tuesday, All!