Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Purple Pencil

Daily Outfit, 3/9/11

The first order of the business today is to wish my awesome, handsome, smart nephew, Dominic, a happy birthday; he turns 7 today.  Happy Birthday, Nonnie!

The second order of business is to apologize for the wrinkles.  I had to be to work early today for a training so the pictures were taken after I'd been sitting at my desk for 8 hours.  Not pretty, I know.

Now to the clothes:

Today I paired my purple pencil skirt (thrifted), with a silk blouse (hinge via Nordstrom), teal tights (Hue via Macys), what appears to be my favorite peacock cardigan (a.n.a via JC Penney), what are truly my favorite boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom) and some handmade earrings (Mom).

This outfit contains a couple of closet orphans.  I don’t wear a lot of pencil skirts because they are pretty impractical for bike riding (I got a ride today).  And I don’t wear a lot of purple because I never know what to pair it with, outside of black, which seems boring.  As a result, I thrifted this skirt months ago and have never worn it.  The blouse is another orphan, but for different reasons – it was an impulse buy.  I saw silk (!), color (!), print (!) and sale price (!) and I bought it.  Sadly I ignored the fact that the cut is weird.  It has a peplum which I almost never like and always never know what to do with.  It also has a very deep keyhole neckline (seriously deep, like inappropriately so) that is just not working for me.  I bought this blouse almost a year ago now, and I’ve only worn it once.

I am trying, however, to be better about using or losing the orphans in my closet.  I had the idea to pair the purple skirt with the peacock cardigan first and thought this blouse might tie the two together.  The cut of the blouse still concerned me, but I tucked in the peplum and turned the blouse backwards to mitigate the slightly scandalous neckline.  This is my first time reversing a garment, but I think it worked.

Altogether, I like this outfit.  I like the colors together and it’s very comfortable.  But, what do you think, readers?  Ignoring those atrocious wrinkles, do you think this worked?  Is this not quite right?  Should I try one more remix?   Or should I just oust one or both of the pieces from my closet?  I know, so many questions, but I appreciate the input!

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday,