Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weecap: March 19th and 20th

A weekend in which Gracey finally finds a dye pot (hooray!) while thrifting, goes to a rather raucous happy hour with friends, and has a slumber party with Jenny and Lori.

Saturday, March 19th

I don't know why, but I was determined to wear a maxi dress today:

Like many of my outfit ideas, I have to wait for the right circumstances to wear them.  Maxi skirts/dress are not great for riding bikes in, so I wanted to wait for the weekend.   When the weather Saturday got up to about 50 degrees and no rain, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.  And I actually rather liked how it turned out.  I wore my grey/white striped maxi (Gap) under my chambray tunic (Old Navy).  Maxi dresses always feel a little bohemian to me, so I went heavy on the bangles including wood to pick up the brown belt (Old Navy) and boots (Kenneth Cole Reaction), and blue snake to pick up the chambray tunic, the scarf (H&M) and the clutch (thrifted).  Over the top I wore my knit blazer (J. Crew Factory).

I wore this Saturday when I went thrifting for a dye pot (again) and to happy hour with Jenny, Lori and friends.  My search for a pot was successful this time around; I finally found one for $4 at St. Vincent De Paul.  I was pretty excited to find it and may have even chortled.  I didn't have time to dye anything this weekend but I did cull out some items to dye once I have time.  I'll be sure to get before and after shots for you guys.

Sunday, March 20th

For Sunday I wore my Flirt skinny jeans (Old Navy), grey tee (Target), jersey cardigan (Old Navy), thrifted belt, faux-lace up boots (Kenneth Cole Reaction) and infinity scarf (Steve Madden via Macy's).

On Sunday we slept in after indulging in wine and chocolate and Cheetos and movies and the new Lady Gaga video during the slumber party.  It was, of course, fabulous good fun.  After we finally woke up, we headed to the mall to meet another friend and do a little shopping.  I got the wedge sandals I wanted and resisted the siren's call of some very cute peep toe boots.  They were cute, but I can't help but think that if it's cold enough to wear boots, I'd want my toes to be covered.  I'll probably come to terms with this contradiction as soon as they go out of style.

I hope everyone had as fabulous a weekend as I did!