Monday, March 7, 2011

WeeCap: March 5th and 6th

Weekend Recap in which Gracey does her first tutorial video, buys a new scarf (yes, another one), goes dancing and then spends a day doing most of nothing.

Saturday, March 5th

On Saturday I did my scarf-tying tutorial, which I'm afraid was more amusing than helpful, in part because I uploaded the video incorrectly.  Twice.  But, if you were looking for it, it is out there now.  For the tutorial and errands, I wore a chambray shirtdress (Old Navy), topped with a cardigan (??? via Ross), and black leggings (Target), my Born Crown riding boots (via Nordstrom), woven disk earrings (gifted) and cashmere scarf (Nordstrom).

Hey, did you guys know that Target carries their Mossimo jeans in long lengths?  I had no idea prior to this weekend.  But, when I was wandering through Target on Saturday, I found some grey skinny jeans on sale for $6.24, which is great, but even better?  They're a long.  I'll try to wear them sometime this week so you guys can see them.
Saturday Night

Photo by my little sister, Ola.

Me and Ola - photo by her boyfriend, Izzy.

Saturday night I went dancing with my gorgeous little sister, Ola, and her boyfriend.  I have to tell you, Salem is not an easy city to go out in.  It doesn't exactly close down at ten o'clock, but it feels like it does.  After an initial misstep, we were able to find a club with a dance floor and a decent DJ, so we had a good time.

I wore my Flirt skinny jeans (Old Navy), a dolman-sleeve sweater (a.n.a - JC Penney), suede slouch boots (Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom) and my vintage mohair jacket (gifted from Mom).  I accessorized with a black studded clutch (Target), vintage cameo bracelet (a Nashville antique store), dangle hoops (Lil' Gypsy) and a filigree heart necklace (Modcloth).

Sunday, March 6th

I really didn't do anything all Sunday.  What did I wear to do nothing?  Well, I wore my black Hue leggings (via Nordstrom), a black tunic (Old Navy), waterfall cardigan (Calvin Klein via Ideeli), black slouch boots (Chinese Laundry via Piperlime) and my new black and white scarf (Steve Madden via Macy's).

I have been wanting a graphic black and white scarf for some time, but hadn't ever found one that I liked.  At least not until I saw this one on steep sale at Macy's.  It's an infinityy scarf, which I don't usually like (seriously, in my vast collection, I have only one other infinity scarf), but this one worked for me.  I think the black and white will be super-versatile, and it's a more lightweight scarf than my cashmere scarf, so it'll be good for spring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Again, sorry about the missteps with the tutorial video.  I think I've figured it out now though, so if ever I do another it should go more smoothly.

Happy Monday, All!