Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Back, Color

Daily Outfit, 3/7/11

Even though my week of neutrals was strangely successful, I was missing color so I decided to add some back to my life.  I have actually had this outfit in my head for a couple weeks now, but needed the weather to cooperate.  And it finally did.  It’s sunny today and not terribly cold.

So, I wore this:

The skirt was thrifted and is handmade from a houndstooth-printed fabric, with a high-waist, wide waistband and full lining; basically, it’s perfect for me.  I paired it with my violet tights, a violet turtleneck (Old Navy) layered under a notch-collar cardigan (Jones New York via Ross) and accessorized with a croc embossed faux-patent belt (Macy's) and my black booties (BC Shoes “Swear” via Piperlime).

I have to say, that this Monday was much, much better than last Monday.  The ride in was wonderful; it was sunny, there was no wind, the lining on my skirt didn’t tear and no raccoon eyes.  It was definitely a much better Monday, all around. 

How about you all?  How was your Monday?