Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better With a Belt

Daily Outfit

The last time I wore this dress, we all agreed that it needed a belt.  This time I wore the suggested belt:

And I liked it.  I considered a braided leather belt, but then I saw this fabric belt and thought it would tie the dress (thrifted Eddie Bauer) and cardigan (Gap Outlet) together nicely.  And I think it worked; which is funny because it doesn’t have any blue or purple in it.  But, I actually think that’s nice because it goes but it’s not matchy-matchy.

Today was a very random day, full of random thoughts such as: my hair is driving me crazy.  I'm growing it out but I really just want to chop it all off, straighten it, or wear it in a constant pony tail.  I also pondered my pictures and the fact that I always pose the same way, so I changed it up a bit but mostly only because I had crazy eyes in all my head-on shot.  Also, this dress makes my chestal area look rather large, but in truth, it's not.

Which brings me to the main point on my pondering - how real is blogging?  And does it matter?  I mean, you might see this post and think I'm a happy, large-chested, frizzy-haired person.  Only part of that is correct.  Does that matter?  Or are blogs like any other form of entertainment where you just accept what's given to you even though you know a murder can't really be solved in two hours or less?  And if it is just entertainment, shouldn't mine be more entertaining?  More razzle dazzle and less of an indie flick.  I mean, is the goal to strive for blockbuster status, or to keep showing at Sundance every year?

I don't know.  I think I'm still under the weather.

Happy Tuesday, All!