Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Pants, Part 2

Daily Outfit for Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After the muted colors of yesterday’s grunge look, I wanted to wear something more spring-like.  Unfortunately I was exhausted from speed dating last night, and all I could come up with was this:

The good news is: I actually like it.  It’s super comfortable and the colors are very spring-like.  Do I look a little bit like one of those giant talking flowers from Alice in Wonderland?  Indubitably.  But, that’s a small price to pay for finding yet another outfit that incorporates my green pants.  Along with the green pants (New York & Co. via Ross), I wore a pale pink blouse (Sunny Leigh via Nordstrom Rack), my coral cardigan (Gap) and black and silver flats (Mossimo/Target). 

I also wore on of my favorite vintage bracelets; turquoise glass beads on a silver coil with rhinestone dangles:

I apologize for the short post today – I didn’t get home until late last night and am really too tired to do much more today.  Don’t worry though, I promise to put more effort forth tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday, All!