Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter, 1979 (?)

For your Easter enjoyment, I have provided a picture from a long ago Easter.  This is me and my older sister, Rosey, on Easter morning in what I think was 1979.  Every Easter we would get a new outfit and an Easter basket.  We would put on the outfits to go hunt for eggs and then root through our baskets unearthing such treasures as Cadbury Creme Eggs, pinwheels, Silly Putty and Babyland paper dolls (shown above).  

In 1979, our Easter outfits consisted of some rather fabulous jumpers.  I love this picture because so many of the things that are true in this photo are true today.  For example, spring weather in Oregon then was similar to what it is now, so we had to layer turtlenecks under our jumpers.  I clearly did not shy away from color, even then.  And yes, my hair has always looked much the same as it does today.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, filled with new outfits and naked-baby paper dolls or at least Cadbury Creme Eggs.