Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Citron, Some Leopard, An Award and Some Questions

Daily Outfit for Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High winds again today meant no skirt again today (no, C., the wind does NOT understand our pain):

So, once again, I’ve resorted to some skinny jeans (Old Navy), this time paired with a tiered blouse (Nordstrom), citron cardigan (JC Penney) and peep-toe leopard-print flats (v. old via Ross).  I have only worn this cardigan once before because although I love the color, I don’t do well with shapeless clothes.  I always want to belt them into submission, but this time I just let it be and actually really like it with this blouse.  As in like it so much I’m probably going to repeat this combination in the future.  You’ve been warned.  And what goes better together than citron and leopard, right?  Right.

In addition to brow-beating you into agreeing with me on my citron/leopard love, I wanted to tell you that the sweet and wonderful Gretchen of GretchTM gave me an award the other day.  I have been given the “One Lovely Blog” award:

Dear Gretchen, I accept.  And thank you.

One of the conditions of the award is that I need to share seven random (not specific, it’s in the rules) things about myself and award it to 15 other deserving bloggers.  Let’s start with the random, shall we?

1.      Dancing is my preferred form of exercise and I have tried pole dancing, Jazzercise and belly dancing to stay fit.
2.      I didn’t learn to drive until I was 20.
3.      I don’t like swimming in water where I can’t see the bottom.
4.      I have a terrible ear for languages and it makes me sad.
5.      I was a tomboy through high school – no skirts or dresses, ever.
6.      I love salmon in any form – raw, baked, grilled and barbecued; I love it all.
7.      My family goes white water rafting every summer and I am terrible at it.

I know this is a long post, but stick with me for just a bit longer because I need to ask you all something.  As you know, in my outfit description I include the brand of the item and where I got it.  My question is this: is that helpful and/or interesting to anyone?  And if it is, would you like me to include links to the actual item or a reasonable facsimile?  I guess what I need to know is if you’re interested in the provenance of what I’m wearing and if you’d like to know where to get your own or not.

Please to let me know in the comments or via email – whichever makes you happiest.

Also, I wanted to say hello to my new readers/followers and as always, thank everyone for reading.

Happy Tuesday!