Friday, April 22, 2011

This week has been brought to you by the letter P

Daily Outfit for Friday, April 22, 2011

I was getting ready to title this post "Peachy Keen" in honor of my peach-striped sweater, when I realized that would have been the fifth title beginning with the letter 'P' this week.  I've been Prim, Proper and Pleated, Puffy and Plain, a Pretty Shiny Copycat and done some Preppy Pattern Mixing.  And today I'm wearing Peach:

I paired my peach and white striped sweater (Old Navy) with my olive skinny jeans (Gap), silver Sperry Topsiders (via Ross) and clear blue belt (Old Navy).  If yesterday's look was my attempt at preppy, today is my attempt at the tomboy look.  I was physically comfortable in this look, but it's not an emotionally comfortable look for me.  With my height and size I am hypersensitive about appearing mannish in any way and rarely try anything androgynous. And frankly with my "curvy" build, I don't think I pull it off well anyway.

I liked this look well enough though.  I don't think I looked mannish (right? right.) and even though I'm not sure androgyny is right for me, it's an aesthetic that appeals to me on others so I try it every once in awhile.

How about you, dearest Reader Friends, are there any looks you admire but don't dare try?

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!!