Sunday, April 17, 2011

WeeCap: April 17th and 18th

Saturday, April 17th

On Saturday, Alex and I went thrifting to try and find her something to wear for 80s prom.  We were out all day and unfortunately I didn't get a photo of what I was wearing, but it involved color and my black and silver flats.  The good news is that we found something for Alex to wear.  I can't wait to post pictures from prom for you guys.

Sunday, April 18th

On Sunday I cleaned my room, did some laundry and ran some errands.  It was actually pretty nice on Sunday, so I let my ankles out to play:

I wore my "regular" length Flirt skinnies (Old Navy), which are conveniently ankle length on my giant self, along with a grey tee (Target), grey cardi, raspberry belt (thrifted), yellow-stripe scarf (???) and my black and silver flats (Mossimo/Target).

I have no idea what I'm doing in these poses.  Showing off my giant man-hands?  Smirking?  Both?  I don't know, but all of my film looked like this, so I posted them.  You're welcome?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that it was warm enough for some ankle-flashing.