Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weecap: April 2nd and 3rd

Out of the gate, I have to tell you this Weecap only contains one outfit, but I think it's a good one.  I went out Saturday for an oil change and to get a new phone, but otherwise was in most of the weekend battling a cold (darned airplanes).

Saturday, April 2nd

It was sunny most of the day Saturday and I took advantage with rolled cuffs and a short-sleeve trench:

I thrifted this coat a few weeks ago, but it hasn't been warm enough to wear it, but finally Saturday it was and I was thrilled.  It's such a pretty persimmon color and you know how much I love orange.  I love the coat so much, I actually built the rest of the outfit around it.  I paired it with a navy and white tunic (Old Navy), olive skinny jeans (Gap) and black and silver flats (Target).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and thank you all for you kind comments on my Santa Fe photos.  I know I'm not the best photographer, but I wanted to at least share some of my experiences there.

Talk to you all tomorrow,