Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A-Team Hannibal, Not Hannibal Lecter

A Belated Daily Outfit for Monday, May 02, 2011

Today’s outfit was a surprise to me:

Yes, I did pick it out for myself, but you know how sometimes you think of an outfit and then you get it on and it’s twelve kinds of wrong?  Or you think of an outfit and you don’t expect to love it because it doesn’t even include any of your favorite colors, but you put it on and it turns out wonderfully?  The latter is what happened here today.

I think this outfit might actually one of my favorites and it was a complete accident. I am house-sitting for friends this week, and I don’t sleep well if not in my own bed, so I have a bit of insomnia.  I came up with this outfit during one of those half-asleep-but-the-mind-is-racing moments last night.  And honestly, it’s a combination that in the light of day I can’t even imagine how I came up with.  It’s making me think that half-asleep is how I should make all of my outfit choices.

When I bought this silk blouse (Banana Republic via Goodwill), I thought it might look okay with my brown pants (Banana Republic Factory Store), but couldn’t picture what else I would possibly wear.  I think I got stuck on the fact that I was combining brown, purple and pink, all of which are colors I don’t wear often and never together.  But, this morning at 5 am, it came to me; I’d wear the blouse and pants with a navy cardigan (GAP), leopard print flats (v. old via Ross) and a hot pink belt (INC via Macy’s).  And oddly enough, I think it worked.

Like Hannibal (A-Team Hannibal, not Hannibal Lecter or Second Punic War Hannibal), I love it when a plan comes together.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


P.S. My new camera still hasn’t arrived, so Ferge is still taking my pictures, today with my phone, for which I am super-grateful.