Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Basic Posh Ross

Daily Outfit for Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is probably the least original post I have ever done.  I really can’t take credit for anything in it.  I feel like the outfit is a Basic Cravings knock-off (she’s fabulous at pairing brights), I blatantly stole the first pose from Posh Spice (or, if you insist, Victoria Beckham) and I feel like the hair is edging out towards 1970s Diana Ross territory.  I have no excuses; all I can do is thank those lovely ladies for the inspiration.

In truth, I have wanted to try color blocking brights for awhile now, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate and I really wasn’t sure it was something I could pull off.  I also wasn’t sure I had the right pieces in my closet; but, then, a couple of weeks ago, I thrifted this blueish-purple (blurple?) Nieman Marcus skirt.  I decided to pair it with my bright pink silk blouse (Banana Republic) and my Mary Jane wedges (Corso Como).  I added a thin studded belt (Old Navy), a charm bracelet (Banana Republic), failed to brush my hair and there you have it; Basic Posh Ross.

Also, thank you all for supporting my face – I think Sue hit the nail on the head when she said I’m just looking at it too much and it’s lost all meaning, like when you write a word too often.  That’s right, MY FACE HAS NO MEANING.  In less shout-y news, I was totally right about pencil skirts and bike riding – it’s a terrible idea.   I have to say, though, that the trouble was less with the actual riding and more with getting on the bike.  I swear my dog was laughing at me from the yard as I struggled to get on.  I’m just glad he has a good sense of humor.

Happy Wednesday, All!