Thursday, May 19, 2011

Casual Thursday

Daily Outfit for Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today is my Friday and it’s sunny out and work is driving me batty so I dressed casually today.  Possibly too casually, but I just can’t care:

For Casual Thursday (it’s a real thing), I paired my green pants (NY & Co via Ross) with a  possibly too-large yellow-striped tee (Old Navy), bronze sandals (Target) and turquoise earrings (gifted).  I love green and yellow together but I really do think this tee is a bit too large.  I seem to remember trying on a smaller size though and it being too body-con for my tastes.  I probably should just not have purchased the tee if my choices were either too big or too small, but it’s yellow (!) and striped (!).  It’s hard for me to say no to that combination.

Our offices are closed tomorrow so I will not have a daily outfit post, but will try to include Friday in my WeeCap for this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll have good weather for our three-day weekend, but I don’t know.  Although the weather is absolutely glorious today, I’ve heard both that it will and that it won’t last through the weekend, so we’ll see.  Fingers-crossed!

Happy Casual Thursday, Everyone!