Friday, May 13, 2011


Daily Outfit for Friday, May 13, 2011

I love creamsicles.  They’re one of my favorite treats.  And, yes, I know that doesn’t mean I have to dress like one, but I think we should all just be thankful I didn’t decide to dress like wasabi-crusted tuna tartar.  Which I also love.  So, yes, today I’m dressed like a creamsicle and not tuna:

When I first thrifted this skirt I thought it might be too formal, but then I thought formal-schmormal, I may not wear sequins to work, but I can wear this skirt.  I paired it with a lovely coral orange sweater (Target), which is the twin to this lovely aqua sweater.  I don’t usually buy items in multiples, but I really like these sweaters – I think the colors are so pretty.  I also wore some T-strap wedges (Franco Sarto via Nordstrom) and I have to say that I’m not loving them with this outfit.  I think my platform sandals from yesterday would have probably been the better choice. 

A choice I am loving?  This turquoise-beaded bracelet (vintage from Ray’s Ragtime in Portland):

I love this bracelet with the orange and cream, but I'm starting to think this bracelet might just go with everything.  I'll wear it more often and we can all decide if I'm right or not.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  It’s supposed to rain here (surprise, surprise) so I imagine mine will be very low-key.  Some minor thrifting and whatnot.  How about you all?  Anyone with big plans?
Happy Friday, All!