Friday, May 6, 2011

FBFF for May 6: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

This week for FBFF, Katy of Modly Chic has asked us to talk about shoes.  I'm not a shoe-aholic, but I didn't have to force myself to write this post either.  I really do believe that shoes can make or break an outfit. 

What is your go-to pair of shoes?

In the fall and winter, I wear these Born Crown riding boots almost constantly:

I wear them with skirts, with dresses and over skinny jeans.  They are ridiculously comfortable and they go with everything.  They weren’t inexpensive, but my cost per wear is probably down to pennies now.

It’s a little different in the spring and summer – I have several pairs of sandals, peep-toe flats and wedges that I wear fairly regularly.  Although, I’d have to say my favorite pair is actually this pair of bronze sandals that I got from Target years back:

They were less than $20.00, but I absolutely love them.  Like my Born Crown boots, they are super comfortable and, I’m convinced, go with everything.  I’m actually considering getting these resoled because they are just that comfortable.  It may seem silly to resole a $20.00 shoe, but it seems sillier to buy a new pair that I may not love as much.  I’ll just have to see what the cobbler says.

What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

I consider form, comfort/function and cost when buying shoes.  I will not buy or wear a shoe I consider ugly.  Workout shoes are a bit different because I don’t care what they look like, but for my every day shoes and special occasion shoes, I need to like how they look.  However, if they are beautiful shoes, but supremely uncomfortable, I won't wear them.

The combination of function and comfort are a big consideration for me.  I need to be able to ride my bike and comfortably walk around all day in my everyday shoes.  For special occasion shoes, it depends on what I’m doing.  Am I going to be dancing or just going to dinner?  I have shoes that are comfortable in either situation.

Cost-per-wear may be my number one consideration when buying shoes.  If it’s a shoe that I will wear at least once per week over a couple of seasons, I’m willing spend more money than on a special occasion shoe.  Especially because, in spite of my best efforts, I don’t go to that many special occasions.

The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

Black, I think.

When it comes to shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

Most of my shoes are all different brands – I’m not devoted to any particular brand and will usually just wear what I like.  The brand I have the most pairs of are actually BC Shoes – they’re comfortable and inexpensive, both of which I like.  I also own a couple of pairs of Born Crown boots – they make lovely flat and low-heeled boots that work well with my calves.  I would like to get more Corso Como shoes – I’m a big fan of the padded foot bed they offer and like their styles.  Aside from that, though it depends more on shoe than the brand.

If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

Probably these Gucci beauties:

Gucci S/S 09 (Photo from

I know they are a couple seasons old, but I just love the combination of the bright orange patent with the wood platform.  They look so fun to me.