Monday, May 9, 2011

She Wore a Raspberry Beret

And I wore a raspberry scarf:

I wanted to wear something simple today; I didn’t have the fortitude for anything more complicated.  I went with a striped tee (Jones New York via Ross), black jeggings (GAP Generation), black mini-wedges (Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom) and, because I have to have some sort of color, a raspberry scarf and belt.  If you’ve seen my pictures from prom, you know that I love me a deep pink.  I think it looks better on my skin than a soft, baby pink.

In truth, I’m not much of a pastel wearer.  I do own some pastel pieces, but I’m definitely more drawn to brighter or deeper shades (or is it hues?).  How about you all – what are your feelings on pastels?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy Monday!


P.S. My sister took my pictures today and we tried our hand at a jumping photo.  She cut off my head: