Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunburn, Rain, Rain, Rain

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting a WeeCap this weekend, but I’ve included it all here in a super-sized post.

I had Friday off and it was gorgeous.  I think it got up to the mid-70s which we haven’t seen yet this year.  I love the sun and had nothing else to do so I spent the entire day (seriously, like six hours) sitting in the sun and reading The Help.  I know the book came out two years ago, but I just read Water for Elephants recently too.  I don’t worry too much about reading something as soon as it’s published – I’m pretty confident I’ll get around to it eventually.  The Help was a lovely book though and I absolutely suggest it to anyone else who hasn’t read it yet.

On Saturday, I realized I was a bit sunburned but the weather was back to being sort of rainy and not very warm so I couldn’t do any more damage.  I decided to do some damage to my checking account instead and went thrifting most of the day.  I actually didn’t spend that much, but realized that I may have a slight obsession with gold clutches and day dresses.

For Saturday’s thrifting, I wore my olive skinny jeans (GAP), pink ditsy floral tank (Frenchi via Nordstrom), oatmeal cardigan (Eddie Bauer, thrifted) and my pale gold flats (Kenneth Cole Reacation):

On Sunday I did some more thrifting, realized my obsession with day dresses may be more than “slight” and did a little laundry.

For Sunday’s thrifting, I wore lightweight wide-legged pants (GAP), an orange, striped tee (Old Navy), bronze sandals (Target) and pink drop earrings (Alberta street vendor):

My sister took my pictures on Sunday and insisted that we try to perfect our jumping shots.  Perfect they are not, but you can't say we didn't try our best:

Today it was supposed to get all the way up into the high 50s (exciting, no?) and rain much of the day, so I just gave in and resurrected the riding boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom):

I wore them with a red jersey dress (Banana Republic) layered under a navy cardigan (Urban Outfitters) and a studded belted (Michael Michael Kors via Nordstrom).  Basically, I now realize that I’m probably going to need these boots to get me through the summer – it’s a good thing I like them. 

Also?  Bloomers:

I love bloomers.

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday and didn’t have to ride their bikes home in the rain (luckily I missed the promised storm, although it is raining pretty hard now).