Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Running Through the Jungle

Daily Outfit for Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I think I got too much sleep last night because I was squirrelly as heck while taking today’s photos.  Case in point, this photo here:

I’m pretending I was trying to show the cut of the tunic (it’s quite low both back and front) but sometimes a girl just feels like fake running in her photos.

These next two are some of the few that I wasn’t talking, laughing or distracted in:

Seriously, it was a rough shoot.  There is good news though – I rather like today’s outfit.  I bought this tunic this weekend from Ross Dress for Less where I’m pretty sure they were selling it as a dress.* Anyway, I layered my new tunic over a lace-trim camisole (Old Navy) and paired it with my “regular” length Flirt Skinnies (Old Navy), leopard peep-toe mini-wedges (v. old via Ross), orange earrings (via Last Thursday vendor) and a few bracelets (Banana Republic, Nordstrom, thrifted). 

Yes, it’s another tropical/jungle-themed outfit.  And no, I’ve never met an animal print I didn’t like.  It’s funny though because before I started blogging, I would not have said I had this much of an affinity for jungle and tropical prints.  But, now that I’m cataloguing everything I’m wearing I realize that I really do love them.  I think it’s because they have a tendency to be more bold (or crazy) than other prints and sometimes I like crazy (or bold).

I hope everyone had an equally bold, crazy, and squirrelly Tuesday (which really are the best kind of Tuesday to have).


* Let me just say that this is NOT a dress.  Seriously folks, just because something clears your crotch by a whole four inches does not make it a dress.  At least not at my height.