Friday, June 24, 2011

Shades of Grey

Today’s outfit is pretty much the antithesis of yesterday’s outfit:

It’s formfitting where yesterday’s outfit was loose and monochromatic where yesterday’s was full of color.  Interestingly enough, I really like this one as well.  Once again, I’ve gone outside my comfort zone with the more body-conscious clothes and with the lack of color; but it still somehow appeals to me.  Which is making me start to suspect that I have no personal aesthetic and that I’ll just wear whatever.  It’s probably not the best thing for a personal style blogger to not have a grasp on their personal style, but hey, what are you gonna do?

And really, it’s not like this outfit is a complete departure, any more than yesterday’s was.  Yesterday was unexpected pattern mixing, but I’ve always enjoyed pattern mixing, just more safely.  And with this, sure it’s a lot of grey with the grey tee (Old Navy), the grey skirt (Gap) and the pewter sandals (Lovely People via Ideeli).  But I’m still me so I added some color with the turquoise beaded necklace (rummaged) and my orange earrings.  And yes, it’s sort of body-con, but it’s still an A-line skirt which is my go-to silhouette.  So, you see, it might not seem my style initially, but this outfit is totally me.

Bye, All!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


P.S. For everyone who wondered how I tied my blouse yesterday:

1. I gathered the blouse in front and then tied it in a knot, making sure it was pulled pretty snug on my body.
2. Then I just tucked the knot back up into the shirt which worked because the shirt was so snug at my waist.