Sunday, June 26, 2011

WeeCap: June 25th & 26th

Weekend Recap for June 25th and 26th in which Gracey goes to the best Jazzercise class ever (EVER), gets some sun, goes to a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Cam!), has a slumber party and spends a Sunday doing nothing.  And I should warn you, this post is light on outfit photos (except for the Jazzercise shots), but I promise I did wear clothes.  I just forgot to get proof.

Also, before I tell you about my weekend, I wanted to show you what my sister, Rosey, did for me.  On Friday night after work I went thrifting with Alex and when I came home, Rosey had created this bouquet of red roses and mock orange for me.  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm telling you guys, she's the best sister ever.

Now on to the weecap proper. On Saturday I woke up early to attend Jazzercise class and I wore this:


This is not what I usually wear to Jazzercise, but on Saturday we were celebrating 30 years of teaching Jazzercise for one of the instructors, so we were encouraged to dress in 80s clothes.  You all know I love the 80s, so I was super-excited for this class.  So I woke up early, put my hair into a side-pony and put on my off-the-shoulder Jazzercise shirt and my hot pink leg warmers. 

And the class was fabulous.  We walked like Egyptians to The Bangles, let Belinda Carlisle convince us that heaven is a place on earth and had a last dance with Donna Summer.  Jazzercise is always fun, but this class was even more fun that usual filled with 80s songs and old school routines; in fact, my friend Kory and I are going to try to convince our instructor to have these 80s classes on a regular basis.

After Jazzercise I hung out in the sun until it was time to go up to Portland to visit my fabulous friend Jenny and her gorgeous daughter Cameron:

Cameron had her birthday party at a bowling alley with several of her girlfriends and a couple of her guy friends:

After pizza and bowling, all of the girls (yes, all 10 of them) had a slumber party at Jenny's house, and so did I.  I had no idea that thirteen year old girls screamed and squealed so much, but they seemed to be having a good time; I guess they're just super-excitable in large groups?  All I know is that we adults fell asleep long before the girls did and we were up past midnight, so I'm not sure what time they finally fell asleep.  And when we woke up this morning, it looked like a bomb had hit the living room and the shrapnel was made of teenage girls.  There were girls sleeping on or under every available surface; I swear one girl slept with a sweatshirt as a blanket and a pile of magazines as a pillow.  And the food?  We had pizza at the bowling alley, but they still ordered two more pizzas in the middle of the night, finished up the peanut butter Cap'n Crunch and for some reason had the mayo out.

Sunday I hung out with Jen for a bit and then headed back home.  All in all, it was a lovely, relaxing weekend.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well,