Monday, June 6, 2011

You Want Accessories? Oh, I’ll Show You Accessories

Unlike Thursday’s unadorned dress, I wore the heck out of some accessories the past couple of days.  I didn’t wear much of anything on Friday – I had the day off and it was sunny so most of the afternoon was spend sunbathing with the dog.  For some reason, our dog loves himself a good lawn chair so we laid out both Friday and Saturday afternoons.  Otherwise I ran some errands but mostly did nothing.  Let’s just say I got A LOT of reading done.

On Sunday, however, I had reason to get out of the house.  I went shopping and bought some shoes, went to lunch and then on a date with my current favorite person to date.  We went out to Multnomah Falls along the Columbia River and it was absolutely gorgeous:

View of the Falls from near the bottom

View from the Falls from just above the bridge

And yes, I was accessorized:

I wore these maybe-slightly-too-big khaki shorts (Target) with a new yellow blouse (also Target) and accessorized with my favorite vintage turquoise-beaded cuff, a turquoise ring, vintage blue glass bead necklace, multi-colored medallion earrings, a vintage Anne Klein clutch and pewter sandals (Lovely People via Ideeli).

After the falls we went to a graduation party, for which I traded out my sandals for these fabulous leopard print wedges (Tahari via DSW):

Today I kept the accessorizing bonanza alive:

I paired a jersey dress (Target) with a thin leather belt (Gap), one of my new scarves (Nordstrom), a wood bangle (Alberta Street vendor), unkempt hair (it was just so very kempt the day before) and my new favorite shoes: blue platform sandals (MRKT via DSW). 

Seriously, folks, these are easily the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  They feel like they have at least a half-inch of padding in the soles and the straps don’t pinch or cut into my dear piggies.  And the color!  I’ve already decided this lovely periwinkle will go with everything.  Like this dress!  And this scarf! 

I know, I know; that’s a lot of enthusiasm for a Monday, but it was sunny this weekend.  In Oregon!  And I bought shoes.  And scarves.  Really, you’re just going to have to cut a girl some slack.  I will end it here though. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too.  And Happy Monday, All!