Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knit Pencil

I thrifted this vintage, knit pencil skirt while I was in Santa Fe a few months ago:

I haven’t worn it before now for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s more body-con than I usually wear.  And two, pencil skirts are ridiculous for riding a bike in.  I decided to give it a shot today though, pairing the skirt with a brightly colored tank (via Ross).  I added leopard print mini-wedges (via Ross), a black vest-like cardigan (I think Allison calls them vestigans) (Halogen via Nordstrom Rack), and some bracelets (thrifted).  I went with the lower shoes because a fitted skirt and high heels would have been too far outside my comfort zone for work.

I actually rather liked this outfit, with the exception of the vestigan.  I only wore it because this top has thin, strappy straps and, again, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a body-con skirt and visible bra straps to work.  The skirt is great though.  Although it’s fitted, it’s made of a nice, thick knit so I don’t feel like everyone is ogling my booty.  And, as I had hoped, it’s a heck of a lot easier to ride a bike in a knit pencil skirt than a woven one.

Today’s Takeaway?  If you insist on riding your bike in pencil skirts (which is completely understandable) try a knit one; it’s much easier and there is less flashing of the poor passersby.

Happy Tuesday, All!