Friday, July 1, 2011

Last Thursday: Fire Dancers, Drum Circles and New Earrings

As you probably already know, yesterday was the last Thursday of the month.  Here at Fashion for Giants that means we get off work early and head up to Portland for Last Thursday on Alberta Street in NE Portland.  Unlike last month, the weather for this month’s Last Thursday was gorgeous and there were tons of people out and about:

There were people on stilts:

And men in bamboo hats:

There were cellists:

And there were saxophonists (he rode his bike there – isn’t that fab?):

There were drum circles:


And there were fire dancers:

And Super Hot Sex Advice was offered (for a reasonable donation):

There were also men in kilts, women in tutus, truly excellent DJs (Bell Biv Devoe, anyone?), food carts (Thai, Korean, Hawaiian, barbecue, roasted corn on the cob), jugglers, rock bands, blues singers and violinists.  It was absolutely lovely.

I wore this:

(Gap Always Skinny Jeans, DKNY tunic, Banana Republic sweater & leopard flats)

And I bought these:

They're wood and I think they're fabulous!

And today, I wore those new earrings (as I do):

In addition to my new wooden earrings, I wore a rasberry dress (Target), embroidered belt (Target), abstract floral cardigan (also Target) and my MRKT platform sandals (DSW).  I got in pretty late last night (didn't get into bed until nearly midnight) so I needed something I could throw on without too much thought, and this outfit is perfect for that.

In other news, Happy Canada Day!  I don't think I'll be posting much if anything this weekend, so Happy Fourth of July (!) as well.  And I'll see everyone on Tuesday!