Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Absence

As I'm sure a few of you noticed, I haven't posted anything since Tuesday.  This is because on Wednesday morning, our much loved beagle, Dexter, passed away suddenly.  Luckily my family was able to be with him, to say goodbye and tell him how much he was loved, as he took his final breath.  But, to be honest, that was little consolation to me; I loved my dog very much and took his passing rather hard.  I've spent much of the last five days in tears and so spent the remainder of last week at home with my family.

Although I still miss my dog very much (it's absolutely heart-breaking not to be able to see his with a wagging tail and goofy smile any more), I plan on returning to work tomorrow and will return to blogging, (either tomorrow or Tuesday) as well.

Thank you all for understanding,