Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Petite Pleats

You may have already noticed, but I am not petite.  My skirt is though:

And, now that I think of it, so is my tunic.  I like to thrift petite midi-skirts because they’re right about knee-length for my giant self.  And my “tunic” is actually a petite dress.

I paired the pleated skirt (thrifted) with the polka dot tunic/dress (thrifted), a black studded belt (JC Penny) and neutral platform sandals (Target).  I used the belt to rein in some of the volume of the tunic/dress but also to put my waist where I wanted it.  Without the belt, my torso would have seemed disproportionately long.  With the belt, I look leggier and less torso-y (it’s a word).  The neutral shoes with this serve the same purpose, elongating my legs with what can be a tricky skirt length.

The takeaway for today?  That giants can wear petites and if you want to look like a giant, move your belt up. 

Happy Tuesday, All!