Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretend Lessons and A Bit More Yellow

Although I’m sure many of you are all yellowed out from yesterday’s Everybody, Everywear challenge, you’re going to have to suffer through a bit more today (unless, of course, you leave now, but what’s the fun in that?).  If it’s any consolation, this is (once again), not the outfit I intended to wear today so I’m not intentionally wearing every bit of yellow I have in my closet.  Although, the intended outfit included citron which is practically yellow so either way you were going to get some yellow today.

As the citron cardigan was no good (proportionally-speaking), I decided to pair my embellished white tunic (Design History via Ross) and skinny jeans (Gap Always Skinny) with an olive open cardigan (Target) instead.  I love yellow with olive so I added yellow peep-toe flats (Me Too via Nordstrom) and earrings with a bit of yellow on them (Target).

I finished up with olive and gold-toned bracelets (from top to bottom: Macy's, Mom-made & Banana Republic) to help tie in the earrings and the rest of the yellow.

Speaking of proportions (see paragraph 2 above), I know the length of the cardigan shortens my legs a bit and I should probably have worn heels with this, but I didn’t feel like it.  Although I like to think I can get away with things because of my height, I’m not sure I got away with anything here.  However, I have a plan; we can all pretend this is a lesson on proportions and that I’m showing you what NOT to do and then we’re all winners.  Agreed?  Fabulous.  I love it when we all get along.

Happy Wednesday, All!