Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day of Don’ts

A Day of Don’ts

If you read anything fashion-related (magazines, blogs, etc) they are often full of advice on what not to wear and what not to do.  In short, they are full of don’ts.  Today I had a day full of don’ts, but in a good way:

For example, they say “don’t wear racer-backs if you’re broad-shouldered; it will make you look broader.”  I have the broadest of shoulders and today wore this abstract animal print racer-back tank (Target).  They also say “don’t wear cropped pants; it will shorten your legs.”  And they say “don’t wear slim cut pants if you have big legs.”  My big, long legs laughed at that challenge and today I paired my tank with my slim, cropped black pants (Banana Republic).  They say, “if you insist on wearing cropped pants, don’t wear flats; you’ll look stumpy.”  Me?  Stumpy? I don’t think so.  So, today I paired my cropped pants with silver and black flats (Target).

Is it possible I would have looked taller and slimmer if I hadn’t worn flats?  Sure; life is full of possibilities and I’m willing to concede that as one.  But, it’s also a possibility that this outfit looks just fine on my broad-shoulder, big-legged, flat-wearing self and that’s the possibility I explored today.

Today’s Takeaway?  Try a don’t every once in awhile just to make sure it’s actually a don’t for you.  Or, for added fun, try a bunch of don’ts in single day while also trying to make messy hair happen – it’s fab.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!