Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonus Footage: Mama Mia!

On Saturday, Alex and I went out to dinner at the Veritable Quandary in Portland and then to see Mama Mia.  It was an awesome evening - VQ is one of my all-time favorite restaurants.  It's so pretty and the food is soooooo good.  And Mama Mia was so much fun!  But, best of all?  Alex and I decided to dress in our finest 70s wear in honor of Abba.

I wore this:

I bought this handmade floral maxi dress at a thrift store months ago in the hopes that I might someday have a reason to wear it.  For Mama Mia, I paired it with black and gold bangles, black and gold platforms (rummaged), a black cocktail ring (Nordstrom) and vintage black leather clutch (thrifted). 

Oh, and big hair and big make up:

And Alex wore this:

It's fabulous, right?  I had actually loaned it to her for the show, but we decided that the teal color looked so good with her fair skin and fiery red hair that she should keep it.

If you're from the Portland area and have never been to Veritable Quandary, you should definitely try to go.  And you should definitely try to go during the summer and sit outside.  The outside seating area at VQ is just gorgeous.  We sat underneath an oak tree next to a hydrangea and a fuchsia hanging basket and it was just lovely:

I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!