Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheering Cherry* and Magenta

It’s been fairly overcast the last few mornings before warming up to the 80s.  Today was no exception and it even misted a little bit on my ride in.  When the weather is gloomy, I often like to wear bright, cheerful colors and today was no exception:

Last week Sal posted a link to this post about this fall’s top color trends.  They include my favorite cobalt, my beloved pumpkin orange and cherry and magenta.  The magenta was sort of surprising to me; one, because it doesn’t seem like fall and two because it reminds me of the 90s.  Which isn’t so much a reason not to be on board with something, but sometimes that’s what happens.

The cherry I was absolutely on board with, having already identified a couple of cherry red items I’d like to find for fall.  One of which was a cardigan and I found this one* (Beatrix Ost) last week on the sale rack at Nordstrom.  I decided to wear it today with my magenta dress (Target), a cherry, studded belt (thrifted) and cognac sandals. 

*While I truly did think this cardigan was red (damn your soft lighting, Nordstrom) when I bought it and even when I put it on, I think Lyddie is right, this is more coral than cherry.  While I do love cherry, for fall and otherwise, I apparently love coral more.

Although I was a little bit hesitant about magenta for fall, I can see how both of these colors will transition nicely from bright summery combinations to more autumn-appropriate outfits when paired with more neutral fall shades.  It’s like magic!

Today’s Takeaway?  Cherry is cheery, magenta is magical but orange is irresistable.  And all make for fabulous transitional colors.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


P.S. My date on Friday was absolutely wonderful!  We ended up having dinner in; we listened to jazz, had a bottle of wine and talked about everything – it was just perfect!

P.P.S. Holy crackers, folks, I have a hundred followers!  I have no idea how that happened, but thank you all so much for reading and presumably for laughing at both my jokes and my bad puns.  I'm very flattered and very grateful to all of you.