Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Skirt Likes Leopard

Yesterday, Kelley, of Threads and Buttons, rescued one of her closet orphans and I remembered, “Hey, I have closet orphans – they might like to be rescued.”  This skirt is the orphan I decided to rescue today:

I actually have a great fondness for all of my closet orphans; I’m just not fond enough of them to wear them regularly.  This skirt is no exception; I like the color and the length and the fullness but I never wear it.  At first it was because it used to be a little big in the waist.  So, I took it in.  And I still never wore it.  But today?  Today the yellow linen skirt has been liberated.

I paired the skirt (thrifted Eileen Fisher) with a knotted white blouse (Banana Republic) and leopard mini-wedges (v. old via Ross) because the skirt hinted that it liked leopard.  I figured “who doesn’t” and added the leopard wedges and some bracelets (Mom-made) to tie them in.  And I liked it.  I just don’t know how versatile this skirt is going to be for me.  The skirt would like me to point out that the fact that I don’t have the imagination for multiple pairings isn’t it’s fault.  And that’s true – I should probably try harder before just giving up. 

To that end, how do you all think this skirt would look with grey?

Happy Thursday, Everyone!