Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too Much Togetherness

During the summer my thighs suffer from too much togetherness.  They get all hot and sweaty and angry and begin a series of minor border skirmishes against each other.  Sweaty, bickering thighs are no kind of fun, so sometimes I like to separate them to get them to behave.  The warmer weather has caused an increase in hostilities lately so today I’ve slapped my thighs into some shorts (a sort of penalty box for them, if you will):

And, as much as my thighs hate these shorts (and hate them they do), they admit that in this heat the penalty box is better than being in close quarters with each other.  Today, I paired the shorts (New York & Co via Ross) with a sheer blouse (Olivia Moon via Nordstrom) layered over a white tank (Old Navy).  I also added cognac sandals (Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom), a couple of bracelets and large silver hoops (Nordstrom).  It’s simple, cool and helps limit thigh-fighting.

Today’s Takeaway?  Angry thighs are like children; sometimes you have to separate them so they stop fighting.  

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!