Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waist Not, Want Not

I have no waist today and I can’t care:

The fact of the matter is that it’s hot (relatively speaking) and I have nothing to wear (even more relatively speaking if it’s possible to qualify that phrase).  So once again I went with loose layers; a sheer blouse (Olivia Moon via Nordstrom) layered over a black dress (thrifted) with platform sandals (MRKT via DSW) and minimal accessories.  I didn’t even pretend to wear a belt today, backwards or otherwise.

This is another outfit that I think is better in the wearing than in the photographing.  It’s very comfortable and nice and cool which is about all I can worry about these days.  I do wonder though if I should think more about how outfits will photograph when I select them.  I probably won’t, because that’d definitely be more than I can handle, but it’s still a thought (I have so few thoughts these days, I like to point them out when they occur).

Question for my Blogger-Readers: When you select an oufit, do you all take into account how it will photograph?

Happy Wednesday, All!