Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I am, once again, a day behind on my posting, so I’ve combined yesterday’s and today’s outfits into a single post to get caught up.

Yesterday it was sort of chilly much of the day and even a little misty in the morning so I took the opportunity to wear something with sleeves for the first time in what feels like ages:

I paired a tunic (Gibson via Nordstrom) with black skinnies (Gap) and black snub-nose mini-wedges (Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom).  I added hot pink drop earrings (street vendor) and probably should have added a bracelet or three, but I was running late.

Today was chilly again in the morning so I decided to break in one of the pairs of new shoes I bought for fall:

I love blue shoes.  I read somewhere that if you like red shoes, you have a fiery spirit.  Does my love of blue shoes mean that I have a damp spirit then?  If so, that’s okay – I’ll take a damp spirit if it comes with blue shoes.  Today I paired my new blue suede booties (Dolce Vita DV “Wyatt” via Nordstrom) with a tan linen skirt (Jones New York via Macy’s) and red and white striped tee (J. Crew Outlet).  I felt sort of sporty (spice) so I kept the accessories to a watch (for timing my sporty activities) and gold hoops (surely the sportiest of all earrings).

Although I love these shoes and all of the elements of this outfit individually, I’m not sure it works.  Or, rather, I’m not sure it works for me.  I don’t think I’m a very sporty gal in spite of having played three sports all through high school.  Or maybe it’s just this skirt – I don’t think I’ve ever styled it in a way I really liked.  I like the skirt itself, but I can’t seem to style it for anything.  I’d give it a couple more tries, though, before donating it. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions for styling the skirt or the booties (which are not on the chopping block, I just want to wear them every possible way), I’d love to hear them.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!