Friday, September 30, 2011

NSFR – Not Safe for Rain

The weather here in Oregon over the past week and a half has been lovely.  It’s been dry and sunny, and not too hot.  This being Oregon, I know this gorgeous weather is not going to last, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of the sunshine by wearing all of my shoes that are NSFR – Not Safe for Rain.  I’ve worn sandals and velvet flats and today, suede booties.

Last time I wore these shoes, I didn’t show enough leg.  This time I’m not showing any leg (it’s warm for fall, but not that warm) and I think it worked better:

Today I paired my blue suede booties (DV by Dolce Vita “Wyatt” via Nordstrom) with black leggings (Target) and a black dress (Nordstrom) layered over a blue and white striped blouse (Gap).  I added a black and white infinity scarf (Steven Madden via Macy’s) and silver, blue and white bracelets.  Even if they’re covered legs, the additional leg showing between my boots and my hem keep me from looking to stumpy.  The kangaroo pocket on the dress probably has the opposite effect, but I still love it. 

The rains are supposed to start up again tomorrow, but that’s okay.  I think I’m ready.  Of course, if you ask me next Friday after a week straight of riding in the rain, I might have a different story.  But, at least all my plans this weekend are indoor plans; I’ll be finishing up a skirt, skinny-fying some pants (using this tutorial) and playing poker with FB and some friends.  It should be fun and, hopefully, I’ll have a new skirt and an updated pair of pants to show off next week.

Happy Friday, Everyone, have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Makes All the Difference

As you all know, I love orange and think it goes with everything (which it totally does) but even I’m hesitant to pair it with black for fear of looking Halloween-y.  Today, however, paired black with orange and did so fearlessly because I also tempered the look with blue:

I got the idea for this color combination from Jill at Good Life for Less.  And I was thrilled because it gives me even more ways to wear the orange in my wardrobe.  For today, I paired a black jersey dress (v. old) with my orange beaded necklace (street fair vendor) and a bright blue cardigan (v. old).  I added cognac accessories in the way of a braided belt (thrifted) and espadrille wedges (Corso Como via Piperlime). 

And I loved it.  I think the blue cardigan really does make all the difference in the world to this outfit.  But, the fact that the necklace is more of a red-orange instead of a bright orange also helps keep the look out of Halloween territory.

Today’s Takeaway?  You can pair orange with black; just keep the orange muted and add some blue.

What do you think, folks?  Do you think you might give this color combo a try?

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Takeover

I am usually very comfortable with my body.  In fact, I hope that my blog conveys an air of confidence (and maybe a slight whiff of mischief) because I really am fairly confident in my body and my ability to dress it.  Usually.  But, today, today my body and I were not getting along.  No matter what I put on, I was not happy.  I ended up in this only because I was running out of time:

Did I mention that I wasn’t happy?  It could be my body – for some reason my thighs felt as though they’d finally been successful in their attempts to annex neighboring countries and were now bigger than ever.  But, it’s probably this dress (Halogen via Nordstrom) – I think it’s too short, too full and too breastacular for me.  In spite of it’s high neck and longer sleeves, I felt completely over-exposed and exceedingly plump.  It was not a good feeling. 

On the bright side, I do like these boots (Steve Madden via Piperlime) and this daisy cocktail ring makes me very happy:

And in truth, the boots and the ring aren't all I have to be happy about.  The fact of the matter is, there is nothing wrong with my body.  It's not my body and I that aren't getting along, it's my body and this dress.  It just doesn't work for me.  So, while I don’t think I’ll be keeping this dress, I’ll definitely be keeping my thighs.  Even with their fondness for hostile takeovers, they’re pretty great and I imagine we’ll be best friends again by tomorrow.

Today’s Takeaway?  It’s not you, it’s the clothes.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Left my heart in Santorini

images via FIEL SOL

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Santorini, in the Greek Islands is by far one of my most favourite places on earth (BLOGGED HERE).

As soon as I came across this incredible look-book from local accessories designer FIEL SOL, very fond memories flooded back of Satnorini's inimitable sunshine, crystal waters and picture-perfect sunsets.

I can't wait to get back - enjoy!

Friend in Fashion

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short Sleeve Sweater Season

As I’ve mentioned before, short sleeve sweaters have always seemed sort of ridiculous to me, but I’m also inexplicably drawn to them.  One of the reasons they strike me as ridiculous is because if it’s cold enough to warrant a sweater, isn’t it also cold enough to warrant sleeves?  As it turns out, the answer is “not always.”  There are days in late spring and early fall where short sleeved sweaters are just right.  And today was just such a day:

It didn’t rain and it wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm either.  Essentially, it was the perfect weather for a midi-skirt (thrifted, vintage) sans tights and a sweater (thrifted) sans sleeves.  I added light gold flats (Kenneth Cole Reaction, v. old) to help extend my leg line, a metallic cuff (thrifted) because that’s what I do and some earrings (gifted) because I remembered today.  The skirt was just long enough, and the sweater was just sweater-y enough to keep me from getting too cold on my ride in, but both pieces were also light enough to keep me from getting over-heated.

Today’s Takeaway?  Short sleeve sweaters aren’t wholly ridiculous, just sort of.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Brown and Blue and an Untied Shoe

Sometimes I like to rhyme for no reason.  And sometimes I don’t figure out that my shoe is untied until after I take my pictures.  Both of those things happened here today:

The picture taking process was a rather distracted mess today so neither Ferge nor I noticed that my shoe was untied.  I do love these shoes, but satiny ribbon maybe isn’t the best for staying tied.  I’m still going to wear the heck out of them though, so perhaps a double knot is in order.  Untied or (k)not, I liked these shoes with this outfit.  I think the burgundy of the shoes (Naya “Jada” via Nordstrom) works well with my flared trouser jeans (Gap) and olive-brown sweater (ana via JC Penney) which I layered over a sheer blue and white blouse (Gap). 

In other news, the rain has returned to Oregon so I’m having to put in work to get dressed in the morning.  I ride my bike year round, including when it rains, and choosing an outfit gets exponentially more difficult the colder and wetter it gets.  Even when it’s cold out, I get fairly warm riding my bike, so I have to try to dress warmly, but not so warmly that I’m a hot, sweaty mess by the time I reach the office.  And although I try to dodge rain showers as much as possible, if I know I’m going to be stuck riding in the rain I try to wear clothes that dry quickly.  I’m telling you folks, I’m already missing the easy days of summer when I could just throw on whatever and ride in.

What about you all?  What time of year is most difficult for you, wardrobe-wise?

Happy Monday, Everyone!



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A short while ago, I teamed up with street style photographer Lee Oliveira and fab bloggers Bianca and Jess to shoot the summer lookbook for Melbourne accessories label, Sarah Conners.

It was a great day, alongside some great talent and I'm thrilled to share the end result with you here first!

You can shop the full 'Python' range over at

Friend in Fashion

Friday, September 23, 2011

I Need More Velvet in My Life

It’s true I do.  I don’t have hardly any velvet in my wardrobe.  In fact, it may only be these shoes:

And that makes me sad because I love these shoes.  I love that fact that they’re velvet.  And teal.   And, according to my friends, Kathy and Ferge, look a little bit like upholstery.  Which I think is awesome, but maybe makes for a questionable level of taste (more on that later).

Today I wore my awesome, possibly upholstery-reminiscent velvet flats (Old Navy) with gray pants (Gap), a black cropped sweater (Target) layered over a teal tank (Target) and added my new beaded necklace (via an Albany street fair) and some self-made beaded earrings.  I like that this outfit incorporates more autumnal colors than what I’ve been wearing lately.  It feels like a good transition outfit for what my bloggy friend, Sarah (of Just Take a Bow), calls fummer (it’s not fall and it’s not summer – it’s fummer!).

Also, A couple of people have asked what day dresses are.  They are usually characterized by higher necklines and nipped waists with full skirts and they also often have sleeves.  These characteristics help differentiate them from shift and sheath dresses.  I know that In Style had a page of them in their September issue if you want to see some examples.

And finally, I have to tell you all that I am very, very happy it’s Friday.  This has been a busy and pretty stressful week and I think I might be coming down with a bit of a cold.  So I’m very glad it’s nearly over.  I hope to work on a project this weekend but otherwise am not going to be doing too much of anything.

What about you all?  Any big plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday, Everyone!



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What better time to get your pout on than the weekend right?

My friends at MINK PINK are currently running a beauty of a giveaway and have asked me to share the love with you, my fabulous FRIEND IN FASHION readers!

For you chance to win a $500 MINK PINK party pack PLUS a Lomo camera, head on over to MINK PINK'S facebook (here) and upload your best party 'pout' on the competition page!

The 10 pouts with the most 'likes' will each win a prize. It's as easy as that!

I'm wearing:
Blouse & Sunglasses, MINK PINK
Lipstick, MAC 'Morange'

Happy pouting!

Friend in Fashion

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Day, Another Day Dress

Having come late, summer seems to be lingering here in the Pacific Northwest.  We had a little rain but for the past week it’s been in the low to mid-80s.  Not that I’m complaining; the warm, but not hot, weather is perfect for my collection of day dresses.  Like this one:

Day dresses are the best.  They’re easy (possibly lazy, but whatever), they fit my broad shoulders, they don’t aggravate my thighs, they often have pockets (pockets!) and they’re easy to ride my bike in.  I love them.  Today I paired a day dress (Karin Stevens, thrifted) with platform sandals (MRKT via DSW), a thin belt (Gap), a watch, a bracelet and pink drop earrings.

Why pink earrings?  Because I wanted to.  Or, if you prefer, because they match my pink toenails and therefore because they help to bookend my outfit.  But, really, it was just because I wanted to.

Today’s Takeaway?  You can make up any reason you’d like for wearing what you do, but the best reason is because you want to.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


P.S. I know some of you asked about the collar on yesterday’s dress.  The dress buttons up the left-side of the chest at an angle.  I don’t button it all the way up and I fold the extra fabric down which creates the sort of v-neck-on-an-angle you saw.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feathery Goodness

I don’t wear this dress often enough:

Although it (well, I) didn’t photograph at all well today, it really is quite flattering.  Last time I wore it with the obvious black accents.  This time I wanted to switch it up and paired the dress (vintage, thrifted) with a snake print skinny belt (Target?), taupe wedges (Bamboo via TJ Maxx), my new favorite bangle and chunky red necklace (gifted – thanks, Ma!).

I think I like this iteration better than the last time I wore it.  Although, last time did include an owl belt, and that’s saying something, today’s outfit just seems more interesting to me somehow.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but think it might be the mismatched but still complimentary accessories.  They make what is a fairly prim and proper dress into something different.  Either that or I’m not getting enough sleep.  One of the two.

Today’s Takeaway?  Get plenty of sleep – otherwise it can be difficult to judge the effectiveness of your accessories.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Got (Button) Back

I love tops and dresses that button up the back.  Like this blouse today:

I don't know why this pose is so awkward, but it makes me giggle.

I even left the top button halfway unbuttoned to prove they were real buttons and not trompe l’oeil buttons.  Well, I'm pretending that's what happened. I actually had no idea it was half undone until we took the pictures, just like I didn’t realize the seam on my skirt was crooked.  Seriously, it’s a wonder I can even dress myself at all.

But, dress myself I did.  And this is what I wore:

My oft-worn skirt is thrifted vintage and so is the blouse.  I added blue and white earrings (gifted), a blue and white bracelet (local craftsman) and burgundy shoes.  The shoes are Naya “Jada” (via Nordstrom) and are ridiculously comfortable.  I bought them during the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer and have been waiting to wear them.  I worried a bit that they were too old-fashioned, but I really like them, even with this vintage-heavy outfit.  I also worried about breaking them in, but although they rubbed a little on the back of my left heel (which I remedied with the miracle that is Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin) they are otherwise perfect.

Also, the top looks like polka dots, but it's a micro-floral:

One more also; I wanted to let you all know that I got the job I interviewed for last week.  I start in two weeks and even though I’m devastated to be leaving my friends in my current unit, I’m very excited about the new opportunity.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

The buttons on this skirt remind me of eyes:

They’re like a double pelvic periscope or something.  I don’t know what my pelvis might be looking at, but it’s looking at something.  Creepy pelvic eyes aside, I like this skirt.  It was actually a double-breasted, notch-collared, old-school Liz Claiborne dress when I first thrifted it.  I love the print and the fullness of the skirt, but the top was pretty atrocious so I removed it and just kept the skirt.  Which I paired with a teal tank (Old Navy), tan cardigan (Old Navy) and my riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).

Although I can’t remove the buttons because the left one is functional, I think I might replace them with black buttons because the white ones really are sort of creepy.  Also creepy and also looking at you?  This handbag:

Do you guys remember seeing this Chloe bag in fashion magazines a couple of months ago?  I remember thinking when I spotted it in Marie Claire that it was absolutely hideous.  As it turns out, that level of hideousness is not even original.  I saw this clutch while antiquing with FB this weekend:

Isn’t that crazy?  It’s a taxidermy baby alligator affixed to an alligator clutch and it was handmade in Cuba in the 50s.

I guess everything old is new again.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Love

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Dear friends,

I've said it before, rompers/ playsuits, always feature heavily in my wardrobe, especially as we head into the warmer months.

I picked up this floral number from In Love With Fashion, who I first stumbled across in Topshop, whilst travelling through the UK.

Anything with pockets is generally a winner for me, and I'm particularly smitten for this lovely floral print.

I'm wearing:
Floral romper, via In Love With Fashion
Belt, Vietnam Markets
Denim Shirt, Pimkie
Wedge heels, Airlie Beach

Friend in Fashion

P.S. Don't miss out on your chance to win your own 'Alexa' leather skirt. Giveaway closes Wednesday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Just Wanted to Wear This Bracelet

This bracelet here:

Isn’t it cool?  It’s from the 70s and I love that it’s embedded with both snake and leopard “confetti.”  I went to Antiques in the Streets in Albany last weekend with FB and the FC and found this bracelet for a mere $5.00.  It was love at first site and as soon as it proved able to get over my giant hands, I knew I had to have it!

Of course, I wore clothes too:

The weather has been decidedly fall-like lately which of course means boots here at Fashion for Giants.  For today I paired my beloved Born Crown boots (“Sosie” via Nordstrom) with some skinny jeans (Bandolino via Macy’s) and a silk tunic (Banana Republic).  The colors in the tunic, like the boots, are just perfect for fall.  And although summer is my favorite season, I’m definitely ready for fall and my fall wardrobe (i.e. boots).

Our offices are closed tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll be posting anything.  However, we’re supposed to be going to listen to a band tomorrow night though so if I wear anything interesting, I’ll be sure to take pictures and get them up at some point.

Otherwise, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday!

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grown Up Clothes

I had an interview today (same agency, different position) so I wore some grown up clothes:

I wore a black pencil skirt (thrifted), a sheer blue blouse (Olivia Moon via Nordstrom) layered over a black camisole (Old Navy) and added black pumps (Aerosoles via Piperlime), a few black, white and blue bracelets and some hoop earrings.  Once again, photographing this top gave me and Ferge (my photog) fits.  It’s gorgeous and I love wearing it, but can’t seem to model it for anything.  It’s fabulously flowy but, as I said last time, that means it’s better in motion.  This shot shows the drape a little bit though:

Interview clothes are an odd thing for me to wrap my mind around.  Kari over at The Chronicles of Lady K wrote about this same topic yesterday (she has an interview tomorrow) and it made me think about the rules for dressing for an interview.  My only rule is to dress appropriately while at the same time not dressing like anyone but me.  I want to be comfortable in what I’m wearing so I can concentrate on the interview and not worry about whether or not I look foolish because I’m wearing something outside of my comfort zone.

But, what does it mean to dress appropriately for an interview?  Kari mentioned that she wouldn’t dare bare legs.  I have bare legs and a sheer blouse, and still think I’m dressed appropriately because I also have a pencil skirt and pumps.  In my mind nothing says “interview” like a pencil skirt.  But, does the pencil skirt negate the sheerness of my blouse?  And do my sensible pumps make up for my bare legs?

For me, this outfit is the perfect combination of dressing for the situation, but still dressing for me.  It’s not as, let’s say “fashion forward,” as my bright, color-blocked outfit from yesterday but even I know bright red pants would be a bit too much for an interview.  And perhaps a sheer blouse is also a bit too much for an interview, but maybe that’s my aesthetic.  Maybe “A Bit Too Much” should be the Fashion for Giants motto.

But what about you, Reader Friends?  Do you have your own set of rules for dressing for an interview?

Happy Wednesday, All!


P.S. The interview went well but I won’t know until Monday if I got the position or not.  I’ll keep you posted!